Saturday, 6 June 2015

Green Ledger Book

Today's blog post features a green ledger book from the Boulton house.  Although the first 29 pages of the book are missing, the first year noted in it is 1915.  


The Home Account for 1919 includes envelopes, patterns, groceries, gasoline and coal.  Other interesting entries include the car license on April 24 for $10.00 a tea kettle in May for $4.75 and a $5 watch in June.

 Pages 74 and 75 of the Ledger show the cash account for 1920.  January 23's entry looks to be for a Telegram - Western Home (?) for $1.28.  Munroe's, Brady's, and Drug Store show up a few times.  Some of the other interesting entries are the 50 cent Bead Bag on April 24 and $1.20 for fish on April 1st.
 Pages 192 and 193 of the ledger indicate women and men found work at the Boulton Home in the twenties.  Mrs. McDougall worked from March until November, it seems and Mr and Mrs Rae worked every day except Sunday for August and September, it seems.

The harvesting bills above were for work done by Johnny Milliken and Tony Hallick , in the twenties I assume.

Mr. D. McIver worked there in the fall of  1928 threshing, cutting, ploughing, and stooking.  The ledger shows 6 Sundays, one rain day on September 10th and three half days off in his time there.