Monday, 25 April 2016

Kinloss Community Club Account Book

Kinloss School operated south of Reston in Albert Municipality as a school from 1898 to 1961 but more than just an educational institution, it was the center of the Kinloss Community.  Merle Cassell Boulton in the picture above taught there in the mid forties but the records of the Community Club show she was also secretary for many years afterward.  

It is interesting to look back at the income and expenses carefully recorded and itemized.  

The letter on the left was attached to the scribbler and a month later, the Kinloss club contributed $8.00 for the worthy cause.  This plaque is likely the same one that hangs in the Memorial Theatre in Reston today.

At the bottom of the account book page above is noted the purchase of 36 cups and the charge bill and paid receipt were kept with the book as well.  Eleven and a half cents each!  I am picturing ones like this, are you?  

Above photo of E.H. Berry Ltd in Reston found online at McKee Archives here

The above entry shows the dance in April of 1950 was sponsored by Randy's Dad, Eddie Boulton and good friend and neighbour Donald Curtis. Sixty-six years ago!  I'm glad the book survived as a record of those days from the past.  If only it could talk!

The Church in the Photo

 We found this photo at the Boulton farm recently, appearing quite old and mounted on back cardboard.  I was thinking possibly it was a church in England connected to the Bushby family until I turned it over in just the right light and saw this:

Then I knew why it looked sort of familiar, I'd been to that spot!  In the summer of 2015, I took a trip to southern Ontario to visit my sister and we toured the area where Benjamin and Ann and their family originated from.  The church is known now as St. John Evangelist Anglican Church and it sits at 6543 New Dublin Road in the community of New Dublin, near Lamb's Pond.  Link here for the Google Map.  It appears that regular services are no longer held at this church.  I wonder if Benjamin and Ann were married in that church?  A few tombstones were behind and beside it but across the road were many more, as pictured below called New Dublin Cemetery #2.

 Lorne and his wife Elma were featured in a blog post here and the almost illegible and overgrown one beside it is for Margaret Johnson Boulton, wife of Thomas as written about here

 John and Alice were Benjamin's parents, which makes them Randy's second great grandparents.

Abe and Ethel's story is recorded here and I believe Leslie Travers was their son.  

It was a narrow but long cemetery that followed New Dublin Road for quite a ways and I'm sure there were more Boulton/Bolton stones but we were getting tired of walking that day! 

  The picture above is the only other building I photographed that day in New Dublin.  It seems to be their public library, day care center, government office and community center.  The plaque above the door indicates it as being the town hall, erected in 1890 - two years before our Boultons left on their Manitoba adventure!