Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Kinloss Sunday School Records

Today's blog post shows some of the history of the religious past of the Kinloss district.  The little green book above belonging to a Albert G. Evans recorded the attendance at Bible Class in 1916-17. The third of four pages of names is included above and the other pages included the names Pierce, Switzer, McLean, Treleaven, Chester, Lockhart and more.  Some had very regular attendance at these classes and others were more sporadic.

The little brown book above shows one class of Sunday School at Kinloss in 1922.  Sixteen children are on the register from 4 to 11 years old with Irene Bashier as teacher. I believe she was the regular Monday to Friday school teacher there at the time as well.

By 1934, the Sunday School register above left shows 35 names and a later page includes Mary and Jean Boulton as well.

A yellowed scribbler contains the Kinloss Sunday School attendance and collection accounting from the thirties.  The church picnic on June 28th 1934 ended up with proceeds of $27.15 and collections in late July and early August ranged from 25 cents to 60 cents! Minutes of another meeting recorded in this scribbler are transcribed below:

Sunday School Meeting - May 16th (1937 perhaps?)
Mr. Abbey acted as chairman.  All were in favor of going on with the Sunday School.  
Moved by T. Fraser, sec by H. Sutcliffe that Violet Boulton and Jessie Marnie (?) act as Secretary and Treasurer .  Carried
Moved by Mrs. Stonehouse sec by E. Sherman (?) that Mr. Abbey be superintendent.  Carried
Moved by T. Fraser sec by Mrs. Stonehouse that H. Sutcliffe be assistant superintendent.  Carried.
The teachers were to be the same as last year:
Bible Class - 
Junior Class - Miss Sherman (?)
Primary Class - E. Boulton
The Secretary was to order supplies.  The committee Mrs. Stonehouse, E. Sherman, Violet Boulton and J. Marnie were to decide what supplies were needed.  
The organist was to be Verna Pierce. 
The time was changed from 3 to 3:30.

Supplies mentioned in the minutes would have likely included the Bible Lesson pamphlets pictured above. The Providence Lithograph Company was the main supplier of these take home lessons from the 1930's on. 

Sunday School in rural Manitoba is becoming a rare thing but the next idea for families that is gaining popularity all over the world is called Messy Church. Have you heard of it?