Friday, 11 December 2015

Photos of Merle

Merle Cassell Boulton's sons and daughter-in-laws spent a wonderful afternoon with two of her sisters and the Boulton photo albums at the farm a few months ago.  Aunt Allie and Aunt Ena were able to put names on some of the unknown pictures and asked for copies of some of Merle from the 40's and 50's when she was first a teacher at Kinloss School and then a young bride and mother on the Boulton farm.  Better late than never!  I hope you are able to right click your mouse on the pictures below and save them to your computers to print out or otherwise let me know and I'll mail you any you'd like!

I believe the photo above on the left was taken on the Elkhorn water tower, right ladies?  Aunt Ena says it brings back memories of when they would take their Dad's (Russell Cassell) lunch to him when he worked at the coal docks in Elkhorn and they would climb the tower.  The one on the right was when she was teaching at Kinloss.  I love how the print of her dress camouflages her right into the trees!

I think the building behind Merle in the first photo is Kinloss School and the second is on the wedding day of Edwin's sister Edna and Ewen Pearn - August 15, 1945.  Two months later, On October 9th, Merle and Edwin were married in Virden.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these two pictures are Merle with her oldest son Richard Edwin who was born in 1948.  

This baby looks a lot like her second son, Russell James who was born in 1956 and also bears a striking resemblance to grandson Jarrett Edwin, born in 1996!

They are precious moments in time of a beautiful woman who was gone far too soon.