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Thomas Boulton (1840 - 1926)

Thomas Boulton Jr.

Thomas Boulton was the older brother of Randy's Great Grandmother Ann Henrietta Boulton. He was born in 1840 to Thomas Sr and Ann Higginson Boulton. He inherited land on the west side of Lamb's Pond near New Dublin in Elizabethtown Township from his father than had been granted to him after the Battle of Windmill. It was shared between his two sons William Benjamin and Thomas. William Benjamin later bought out Thomas and the latter moved to to farm at Graham Lake, further north.  This is where Thomas and his wife Margaret raised their family of 12 children. A grandson sent me the photo below of their homestead at Graham Lake.  Try to picture a family of 12 in this home!  Thank you, Don.

On July 5, 1878, 38 year old Thomas Boulton married 17 year old Margaret Johnson (1861 - 1945) at  Belleville in Hasting County, Ontario.  On the 1891 Canadian census, Thomas and Margaret and 7 children were farming in Leeds County.  In 1901 their address on the census is Yonge and Escott (front) in Leeds South.  They have 10 children living with them in that year.  
Mary, Edna, Elton King , Edythe, Lorne, Lenna, George Herbison

Grandson Don also sent the above photo of Margaret with her son Lorne's Model T. 

By the early 1900's Thomas had left Ontario for points west, where Ann Henrietta and her husband Benjamin had come in 1892. Thomas' brother William Benjamin had also moved west and some of Thomas and Margaret's children too.   I believe the family was as listed below.

Thomas Boulton was found on the 1921 census in Griffin, SK with his son Stan and died in 1926.  The Griffin Cemetery records the burial of a Thomas Bolton.  

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