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William Boulton (1776 - 1859)

William Boulton - Third Great Grandfather

William was born in 1776 near Elizabethtown in Leeds County, Ontario. This was during the years of the American Revolution and his father George fought for the British during that time.  George and his wife Nancy Bickford had immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania but moved to Canada in support of the British Empire.  William married Martha Elliott in 1805.  Martha was a sister to Mary Elliott who had previously married William's older brother Abraham.  Matrtha and Mary's father was David Elliott who was born in Dutchess, New York and was also a Loyalist.

William and Martha's eldest son John is the father of Benjamin Boulton.  William had another brother named Thomas who was the father of Ann Henrietta Boulton who married that Benjamin. Are you confused yet?  I certainly was when researching this tree and can blame all my errors on the repeating names in every generation!!

Children of William and Martha
  • Nancy
  • John (1806 - 1902) married Alice Colbourne January 24, 1837
  • Rebecca (1807 - ?)
  • Sarah (1807 - ?)
  • Thomas (1810 - ?)
  • Benjamin (1812 - 1865)
  • William (1817 - 1902) married Anoran "Ann Nora" Colborne (sister to Alice)

William died at age 83 on July 13,1859 and his wife Martha Jane died 20 years later at age 100. They certainly must have been doing something right to live such long lives in those days. I have not been able to find their burial spots online so will put that on my "to do list" for a future visit to the area.

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