Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Green Souvenir Mugs

These two beautiful mugs were recently found in the Boulton home.  As is usually the case, while searching the internet for something else I came across some information on them when I wasn't even looking for it!

The mugs both have faint writing on them that says they are souvenirs of Virden, Manitoba.  One wonders the history of these mugs; if they were purchased together and when.  As they date to the turn of the century, I assume they belonged to Randy's great grandmother, Ann Boulton.
Ann Boulton (1844-1936)
 Found online at this site, EAPG, stands for Early American Pressed Glass and covers a wide range of glassware made in the US and Canada from about 1870 - 1910.  This particular design matches one called "Lacy Medallion" or the "Colorado" pattern. It seems to have been made in Pittsburgh and other locations by the U.S. Glass Company. Etsy had one similar for sale  when I wrote this post for $28.15.  This Ebay page  also features several designs of mugs, small pitchers, toothpick holders and more with various place names written on them in the same style.

 I think they are beautiful mementos of a time gone by and display them proudly in our home!

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