Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Nothing Is Certain - Except Death and Taxes

Many tax notices are among the papers saved for in the case of the one above, 121 years.  The taxes assessed to James Herbert Boulton by the Municipality of Arthur for $8.20 for the year 1896 is amazing!  The local history book called Reflections of Time says Range 28 was originally part of the R.M. of Inchiquin in 1883.  By 1890, it became part of the R.M. of Arthur.  

The 1901 receipt indicates $48.65 includes arrears so it is impossible to tell from this how much they increased.  The secretary-treasurer, Walter Thomas, is the same as 5 years earlier. 

1905 brought change with the land becoming part of the new R.M. of Albert. The first council meeting took place on January 2, 1906 in Huston School.   
By 1910, the Boultons were paying taxes on seven quarter sections of land and the grand total was $103.48. The treasurer was William J.  Kilkenny who also ran the store at Broomhill with his brother Joe from 1908 onward.  He had previously served as a councillor  for the R.M. of Arthur from 1998-1901 and 1903-1905. According to the history book, Kilkenny was paid $400 a year and he had to supply his own office, fuel and light. 

The next year the total is $131.99 but there is a column that indicates rebates were given on the taxes levied.  Perhaps this was for road work done by the Boultons but it would be interesting to know.

Eight quarter sections are covered by the receipts totaling $359.40 above from 1928.  R.W. "Dick" James was the Secretary Treasurer from 1919 to 1938.

As we would expect, taxes steadily rose over the years until they stood at about $100/quarter in 1956.  Mabel Forsyth was the secretary treasurer from 1941 to 1970.  It is interesting to note the 13 schools within the municipality at the time. 

Eight years later in 1964, the taxes have gone up again and the schools requiring special levies have decreased.  

Boundaries have changed again and as of January 1, 2015, this land is in the Municipality of Two Borders .  The tax receipts offer a look at how times have changed over the years.  Taxes have certainly risen but at the same time, the services and issues that our local municipalities cover would astound the earlier generations I'm sure! Lagoons, garbage dumps, recycling, water... 

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