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Gertie Cassell Turner

Florence Gertrude Cassell was the first born daughter of William and Agnes in Frontenac County, Ontario near Kingston.  The Cassel family all lived fairly close together as is shown on her birth certificate online.  There are nine entries to a page and along with her, two of her cousins Eveline Keil and Clara Myrtle Butts were born in the same area within days of each other. In 1902 however, six year old "Gertie" as she was known, her parents and younger brother Ernie along with her grandfather John made the trip west to find  a homestead.

Her niece Ena tells me that Gertie taught herself to play piano by ear and that her brother Russell (Ena's dad) played the violin the same way. Sharing their musical talents would have been evening family entertainment before the days of TV.

At the age of 17, Gertie married 24 year old Gordon Mills Turner who had been born in Ontario in 1889 and moved to live and farm around the Miniota/West Two Creeks area.  Two years after their marriage on December 3, 1913, they moved to a farm at the top of the Miniota Hill.  The family grew over the years and they lived in Flin Flon for a time as well as in Elkhorn.  Gordon died in 1950. 

Back l-r - Ruby, Winnie, Ernie, Viney.  Gertie and Gordon in front
Children of Gertie and Gordon Turner
  • Ruby Lauretta (1915-1985) married Alan McClure - 2 daughters & 1 son
  • Ernest C. (1916-1944) married Tena Kirby - 1 daughter 1 son - Died in Holland in WW2
  • Lavina Agnes "Viney" (1919-2016) married Harry Reeves - 4 daughters & 1 son
  • Winnifred Jean "Winnie" (1921- 1996) married Wilfred Francis - 2 sons & 3 daughters

Cassell Siblings and their father on the right - late 30's

l-r Agnes and Merle Cassell, Gertie Turner, Pearl Gerow. - 1940's

Gertie lived next door to her father William after her husband's death and the picture above of her with her brother Russell and father may have been on his 80th birthday in 1951. She lived in Winnipeg for a time as well and the studio picture would have likely been taken a decade or so later.  Gertie died in Elkhorn on July 29, 1975.  

Gertie with her great nephews - the Boulton boys about 1960

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