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Mary Boulton Herbison (1887-1989)

Mary was the second daughter born to Thomas and Margaret Boulton.  Her brothers Abe, Thomas, Stanley, Ernest and Lorne have been featured in this blog also.

Mary lived to be 102 and much of the information in this biography comes from a newspaper clipping sent from a relative in Ontario about her passing.

She was raised on Lake Street near Graham Lake.  This area along the St. Lawrence River was settled by many United Empire Loyalsits after the War of 1812, including Mary and my husband's common ancestor, Thomas Boulton (1774 - 1855).  As the fifth child of a family of 12 children, Mary would have known the value of hard work.

On February 26, 1913 she married George A. Herbison of Caintown, a nearby community on Front of Younge Township.   He was a well known builder and carpenter in the area and they lived there during their married life. George completed building their home and all the furniture with his own hands before they were wed. 

The couple did not have any children of their own but Mary was a midwife and stayed to help with the household after a baby's birth.  George died in 1939, leaving Mary as a widow for the next 50 years of her life.  
After his death, Mary moved to Kingston as a live in caretaker for an elderly woman.  Next she moved to Brockville to continue her caretaking role as a nanny and housekeeper.  Finally she was caretaker for a 100 year old man named Clifford Hall when she was 80 herself.

The photo above is of Mary in 1981 with her brother Abraham.  Her sister Edith Morris's grandaughters Cindy and Mary Rae have fond memories of her.  She went with them on a trip to Florida and remember that her first snowmobile ride was at the age of 80 years young!
1977 Newspaper clipping

In 1970, she moved into St. Lawrence Lodge where she was one of the first residents.  She kept busy there with bingo, knitting, euchre and dominoes.  She lived there for the next 19 years until she passed away at the age of 102 on March 31, 1989.

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