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Thomas William Boulton (1882- 1952)

Thomas William Boulton was born in New Dublin, Ontario in 1882, second son of Thomas Boulton and Margaret Johnson. He can be found on the 1891 census living in Front of Younge as a ten year old with 6 siblings in Leeds South in Ontario.  This township is located along the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands region.

Brothers Abe and Thomas Boulton are pictured above, likely taken in Manitoba in 1904.  Thanks to Don for sending it to me.

At some point Thomas decided to head west in search of open farmland and followed his father's sister Ann and her husband Benjamin who had settled near Reston, Manitoba in 1892.  In 1900, he homesteaded NW 36-5-28 near Reston and is on 35-5-28 in the 1906 census although he is a 24 year old labourer owning 5 horses.  

On December 12, 1906 a marriage is recorded between Thomas William Boulton and Mary Agnes Montgomery in Melita, MB.  A subscription website called was the source for the clipping below from the December 20, 1906 edition of the Manitoba Morning Free Press.

There is a Peter Montgomery listed as a landowner at nearby SE 24-5-28 near Broomhill and Kilkenny's Store.  According to the RM of Albert history book written in 1984, Peter and his wife Mary Montgomery came from Ireland to be cattle farmers in the area and have a large family.  It says that their daughter Mary married Tom Boulton and had 3 daughters and two sons.  The only one mentioned is Margaret Jane  who was born in July of 1911 and lived  at Vernon  in 1984.  It also mentions a Wilfred who lives in Edmonton.  Frank told me about their son Earl Edward who was born in 1909.  It seems the marriage between Tom and Mary didn't last however and Mary left the Reston area.  She may be the Mary Agnes (Montgomery) Nicol that it says died on March 28, 1945  but I'm not sure of this.

Using census records, I can find that in June of 1916, 34 year old and listed as "married", Thomas resided in 7-27 in RM of Pipestone with his seven year old son Earl.  He was enumerated as a farm worker and his sister Abbey and her husband Richard Johnson are employers on the line above so I presume he worked for them.  

The 1921 census finds Earl living in the second avenue home in Reston of William and Etta McDougall as a lodger and student but no Tom can be found.  As pictured below, Earl was a soldier in WW2, married and later died in Burnaby, BC in 1988. He is with his Aunts Mary Herbison and Lenna King in the top photo.

Corporal Earl Boulton

Uncle Frank recalled going to the Brandon Fair with Thomas William Boulton, who he called "Long Tom Boulton", and they stayed with his sister sometime in the thirties.  That sister would have likely been Abbey Johnson.  Frank told me that he had the nickname "Long Tom" to distinguish him from Frank's dad, Thomas.  Thomas certainly is a favourite name back in Boulton history and it continues today as the middle name of both my husband and our oldest son.

Thomas William Boulton died on July 8, 1952 at age 70 and is buried in Brandon Cemetery in section 31 plot B-44. The photo on the left is his son Earl at his grave and his brother Abe is on the right. 

The photo above is a copy from cousin Don.  I think the man at the back is this Tom.  The original picture had written "Mrs. Thos Boulton  November 27" on the bottom.  The right hand corner is stamped "Davidson Co. Melita, Man  Photographers".  Research on the  Manitoba Historical Society website says that photographers with the last name of Davidson are in Melita from 1889 right up to 1925.  Any information about who is in the photo or any further details about Tom would be welcome to my email at or reply in the comments below. 

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