Sunday, 31 May 2015

Horse Power

The Boulton farm relied on horsepower for the first 50 years or so and many of the pictures and receipts reflect this history. 

 This one records a transaction on the 4th of November in 1903 for a bay horse was made between Thomas and A.W. Harper of Brandon.  The horse was to be paid for in the next year for $65.
The nicest of the receipts from the farm is this one selling a gelding colt for $200 named Garta-tan-coil (?) to Thomas on October 18, 1909.  This street scene of Pipestone looks very different today! The seller was Julia B. Waters.  In the RM of Albert history book written in 1984, it says Julia and her husband James lived in the Paramount District and he died in 1907.  Julia and 2 of her 5 children moved to Moose Jaw in 1910.  Julia and one daughter returned to the farm the next year and stayed until 1925.  Julia died in Brandon in 1938.

In 1898, the family purchased a second hand sett (?) sleigh made by Frost and Wood Co. This company was eventually taken over by The Cockshutt Plow Company, as I found on the Manitoba Historical Society website.  This receipt for payment to the Fairchild Company in Winnipeg was for $15. 

Edwin ?

Not sure who the man is but the horse on the right are labelled Kat, Frank and Bell

Uncle Frank
Uncle Anthony and Frank with Dot and Lady
Russell riding Trigger being led by Uncle Frank

Randy on a colt, Richard and Uncle Frank - August 1961

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