Saturday, 30 May 2015

Salt and Peppers

A large collection of ornaments from the Boulton house was recently unpacked from this cupboard that sat above Uncle Frank's chair in the farmhouse.  Uncle Hazen Bigney made the corner cupboard for the Boultons, likely in the 30's.  I'm sure each item has a story and we took the photos below before repacking them for the next generation to find.

These plastic ones seem to be from the late 40's and early 50's, as is probably true about most of the collection. We imagine many belonged to Merle Cassell Boulton, perhaps gifts from her family or school pupils.

 These ones above were probably the utilitarian ones, used on a regular basis.  The one at the back may be the oldest, and one of the few singles who lost its mate in a long ago mishap.

 Animals of all sorts are the theme of this group.

 There's some cute ones in this group.  The flowers in the bottom right can be picked up from the "grass" base.
Lots of birds in this group as well as a orange Bakelite set on the left that say Chicago 1935.   The green set are made of plastic.

The items above aren't salt and peppers but other are decorative things.  The cow pitcher at the left pours out its mouth!  In front of it is a little boat that Uncle Frank demonstrated for the kids one time. Apparently a bit of lighter fluid on a cotton ball set alight and it would propel itself along in the tub!   The little yellow cream pitcher says it is a souvenir of Warroad, Minnesota.  Elsie Boulton's father James Bushby traveled through the states in the 20's and I wonder if he brought it back.  So many little treasures!

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