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Ann Henrietta Boulton (1844 - 1936)

Ann Henrietta Boulton

Ann Henrietta was the daughter of Thomas Boulton (1774-1855) and his second wife, Ann (aka Nancy) Higginson (1813-1883). She was second youngest of four children, born December 19, 1844 at New Dublin, Ontario.  Ann was the Great Grandmother of my husband, Randy.
Ann can be found on the Canadian Census listing from 1851 living at Elizabethtown in Leeds County, Ontario.  She is in a household with her 77 year old father, Thomas, her 40 year old mother Ann and 3 siblings ages 12 to 4.  Her 61 year old maternal grandfather, Anthony Higginson, lived with them as well.  Her father Thomas was noted to have been born in the USA, her mother and grandfather were born in Ireland.  The previous family enumerated on this census was that of her future husband, Benjamin Boulton.  Thomas was an uncle of Benjamin's father John so they were cousins to some degree.
Ann Henrietta's father Thomas died before the next census in 1861 where her mother is listed as a 48 year old widow.  Also in the house is Thomas Boulton(21 years old), Abigail Boulton(19), Benjamin Boulton(12), Abigail Higans (80) and 17 year old Ann.  her maternal grandmother is with them and her grandfather Anthony is in Dundas County in Ontario with another of his daughters, Abigail Morrison.  Henrietta was the first name of another of the Higginson sisters.
This photo is of Ann seated on the right with her family.  Her mother is in the middle and her sister Abigail is on the left.  Standing behind Abigail is Benjamin Boulton (her younger brother, not her husband) and behind Ann is Thomas Boulton.  The 1876 that is circled on the back of the photo (scanned below) may have been  the year the photo was taken.  Ann is wearing the same dress with the bow tie as in her portrait above but she appears to be older in this one.
 Ann married Benjamin Boulton in 1873 and went on to have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls.  They farmed in Leeds County until 1892 when they left for the opening land to the west.  Ann was 48 years old and I can only imagine the hard work and loneliness she must have experienced leaving much of what they had built up and all their family and friends.  Benjamin died in 1895 and Ann was left to carry on the farm with her sons and their growing families.
Manitoba Census documents from 1906, 1911 and 1916 list the family along with two, three and even five hired men living with them. 
The above photo shows Ann with her grandchildren on the front step - Edna on the left and Ida on the right.  It was taken in about 1915.  Ann continued to live and work on the farm until her death in 1936 at 91 years old.  Her obituary says
 " By her kindly disposition she became highly esteemed.  Owing to her age she seldom left the homestead during the last number of years." 

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