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Ann Higginson Boulton (1812 - ?)

'Ann (Nancy?) Higginson Boulton

Ann was the daughter of Anthony Higginson III (1781 - 1873) and Abigail Coutney(1781 - 1871) of Ballinderry, County Antrim, Ireland.  It has been said that her grandfather, Anthony II had purchased a large country estate called Saguanay Bog, where his family lived in grand style.  His wife was Jane Higginson, his second cousin.

Ann's father Anthony III served as a lieutenant in the Royal Dragoons and fought in engagements at Sanfield Bell and Antrim.  After the battle, Anthony III retired to Saguanay Bog but his family income could not maintain the grand lifestyle and the property was lost. 

Anthony III and most of his family emigrated to Canada where he died at the age of 92 years in 1873.  He and his wife Abigail are buried in St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery near South Mountain, Dundas, Ontario.  Their children are listed below:
  • Thomas (1801 - 1885)
  • William (1815-1892) married Dianna Hoover
  • Anthony VI - died at age 23
  • Elizabeth (1805 - 1848) married George McKinley
  • Ann/Nancy married Thomas Boulton
  • Maria (1815 - ?)  married Walter Graham (lived in Belfast, Ireland)
  • Jane married William Powell
  • Henrietta (1817 - 1905) married John Baldwin - lived in South Mountain, Ont
  • Abigail (1826 - 1905) married James Morrison - lived in Matilda, Ontario

Thanks to Keith Sly of Seeleys Bay, Ontario for the above information for this blog post.

Ann was baptised on July 5, 1812 in Aghalee, Antrim, Ireland according to a record on Ancestry.  She married Thomas Boulton in Ontario on March 2, 1832 so the family must have emigrated in the years between.  The couple had 4 children before the 1851 census in Elizabethtown in Leeds County.  In 1861, she is a widow living with her children and her mother Abigail in the same place.  By 1871, her mother has died and her daughter Abigail has moved out but she remains with sons Thomas and Benjamin and daughter Ann Henrietta.  In the 1891 census she is with her daughter Ann and her husband Benjamin and their 5 children.  It is unknown when she died but Ann, Benjamin and their children moved to Manitoba in 1892.   

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