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William Benjamin Boulton (1847 - 1910)

William Benjamin "Ben" Boulton (1847 - 1910)

William Benjamin "Ben" Boulton was the younger brother of Randy's Great Grandmother Ann Henrietta Boulton.  He was born in 1847 when his father Thomas was 73 and his mother, Ann Higginson Boulton, was 36.  The Boulton family lived on the west side of Lamb's Pond near New Dublin in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Ontario. 
On February 9, 1875 Ben Boulton married Margaret "Maggie" Polly Chapman (1853 - 1934) at the home of the bride's stepfather, George Berry.  Ben and Maggie lived on a farm near his family in Elizabethtown.  In about 1896, they followed other family members to Manitoba where  he homesteaded SE 30-5-27 W1, 2 miles straight North of Broomhill.  He also aquired many other quarters in the area and also later farmed 21-6-27 W1 near Reston, Manitoba.  
The backs of the following pictures all say "Boultons" and we presume they are children and spouses of Ben and Maggie.  The black mountings say they were taken at Martel and Sons Studios in Brandon (1900-1904) and the white one is from Steele & Co Winnipeg and Calgary (1902-1908).

Six Children of Maggie and Ben Boulton

On the back of the original photo is written "To Leita, Aunt Maggie Boulton's house in Winnipeg.  Maggie Boulton is Grandma Sly's sister".  The house is at  575 Furby Street.

The information and four last photos in this biography came from Keith Sly from Seeleys Bay, Ontario.

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Ben's obituary in the Winnipeg Tribune says he came to Manitoba in 1900.  He aquired 1600 acres of land in the Reston area but moved to Winnipeg in 1906 due to poor health.  He had a business there called the Boulton Smith Land Company, presumedly with his son in law, BJ Smith.  The address given in ads for their office is 255 1/2 Portage Avenue as well as 11 Alberta Block.  At the time of his death in 1910, sons Thomas Nelson and Travers Macdonald lived in Tyvan, SK, son George Cleveland was in Reston, daughter Mrs. BJ Smith, son William and daughter Edith Boulton in Winnipeg.

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