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Lambton L.O.L. No. 1621 Bylaws

This fascinating little booklet was recently found in the Boulton home and likely was the property of Benjamin Boulton or one of his sons James Herbert, Thomas Edwin or Anthony Samuel.  

Online research would seem to indicate the L.O.L. stood for Loyal Orange Lodge  and the Fraternal Organization continues to this day in all over Canada. These By-Laws seem to have been drafted in 1893 but I haven't been able to find any information about what years the Lodge operated in Lambton.

The Lambton School can be seen here from a link to the Manitoba  Historical Society website which is a wealth of information.  A map on the page shows it to be located on the west side of #83 highway, just north of the Canupawakpa First Nation. 

Full text of the booklet is included below but By-Laws 16 and 17 seem to speak to this being a gentleman's club in favour of temperance. July 12th continues to be an important day to Orange Lodges to this day.

To L. O. L. No 1621
Your Committee appointed to draft By-laws for this lodge beg to submit the following:
By-Law No. 1 - Qualifications essential for Membership
Any applicant for admission should have a sincere love and veneration for his Almighty Maker, productive of those lively and happy fruits, righteousness and obedience to His commands: a firm and steadfast faith in the Savior of the world, convinced that He is the only mediator between a sinful creature and an offended  Creator.  His disposition should be humane, compassionate, and his behavior kind and conciliatory.  He should be an enemy to savage brutality and every species of unchristian conduct, a lover of rational and improving society, faithfully regarding the Protestant religion and sincerely desirous of propagating its precepts i.e. charity and goodwill to all men; zealous in promoting the honor, happiness and prosperity of his Queen and country; heartily desirous of success in those pursuits yet convinced that God alone can grant them.  He should have a hatred of cursing and swearing and of taking the name of God in vain; he should use all opportunities of discouraging them among his brethren and shun the society of all persons addicted to those shameful practices.  Prudence should guide all his actions; temperance, sobriety and honesty, direct his conduct; and the laudable object of the association be the motive of his endeavors.
By-Law No. 2 - That this Lodge hold its meetings in the Lambton School House monthly on the Wednesday on or before full moon, at the hour of 7:30 P M ; from the first of September till the first of April, and at the hour of 8 P M from the first of April till the first of September.
By-Law No. 3 - When this Lodge is in session no brother shall be allowed to sit in the Lodge room without having on the proper regalia.
By-Law No. 4 - A brother when entering the Lodge room when the Lodge is in session, shall in all cases salute the Chair; give the sign of the order at work, and then be seated as quietly as possible, not disturbing the working of the Lodge.
By-Law No. 5 - Any member wishing to cross the Lodge room shall in all cases salute the Chair by giving the working sign.
By-Law No. 6 - Any member shall previous to speaking, rise and address the Master.
By-Law No. 7 - When two or more members rise at the same time the Master is to decide which is to speak first. 
By-Law No. 8 - When the Master is putting questions to the Lodge no member shall speak or move about the Lodge or make any disturbance whatever.
By-Law No. 9 -No member while speaking shall be interrupted except to explain or upon a point of order.
By-Law No. 10 - When a member is called to order he shall resume his seat until the question or order has been decided: he may however be permitted to explain but in no case to introduce a new subject.
By-Law No. 11
All matters before being debated on shall be read by the Master or Secretary.
By-Law No. 12
Any member refusing to take his seat when ordered by the Master shall be fined the sum of twenty five sents or be suspended for the session at the decision of the Lodge.
By-Law No. 13
No whispering or talking while the Lodge is in session.
By-Law No. 14
No smoking or chewing of tobacco while the Lodge is in session under a fine of twenty-five cents.
By-Law No. 15
Any members willfully destroying or damaging any of the Lodge property placed in their charge at any time shall replace the same or cause to be replaced at their own personal expense within thirty days.
By-Law No. 16 - Any member getting intoxicated on the 12th of July or any other Public procession day shall be fined the sum of $10 and suspended for three months.
By-Law No. 17- Any member belonging to this Lodge found drunk or acting disorderly shall be fined $2.00 for the first offence and for the second offence shall be dealt with according to the decision of the majority of the members of the Lodge.
By-Law No. 18 - Unless a member can give a reasonable and satisfactory excuse to the Lodge for absenting himself from the December meeting he shall be fined the sum of $1.00.
By-Law No. 19 - That the initiation fee for membership be $3.00 and an affiliation fee 50 cents; withdrawal of certificate 75 cents and monthly dues 25 cents per month.
By-Law No. 20 - Any member wishing to withdraw from the Lodge room while Lodge is in session shall first receive permission from the Master then receive permission from the Master then receive the retiring pass from the deputy, salute the Chair and retire.
By-Law No. 21 - On the test being taken previous to the opening of the Lodge, each member shall in all cases rise to his feet take one step forward and give the pass.
By-Law No. 22 - Any member using profane language while Lodge is in session shall be liable to a fine of $1.00 or suspension for three months.
By-Law No. 23 - Any member on his way home from Lodge shall not act in any way to bring discredit on the association shall be subject to a fine of $2.00 or suspension for three months.
By-Law No. 24 - On the Master proceeding to open and close Lodge by three raps, with the gavel, the deputy, inside and outside tylers, shall all answer in return.
By-Law No. 25 - Any brothers absenting himself from three months' meetings in succession shall be fined the sum of $1.00 if not able to give a reasonable excuse.
By-Law No. 26 - Any member absenting himself from the 12th of July meeting shall be fined $2.00 if he cannot give a reasonable excuse.
By-Law No.27 - The initiation fee must in all cases accompany the application.

All of which is respectfully submitted
(Signed)  Thos. S. Giles               Duncan McIntosh            Committee               R. H. Giles

Lambton, July 1, 1892
Approved by Provincial Grand Master in whose jurisdiction the Lodge is located.

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