Friday, 13 March 2015

Medicine Dose Cup

The glass in the photo above was recently found in a cupboard in the Boulton home south of Reston.  At first glance it appeared to be a shot glass but upon closer inspection, it has writing on it.  The front says "Kincaid's Drugstore Brockville Ont".  The back has imprinted three lines with the words "TABLE", "DESSERT" and "TEA" beside them.

Online research found that this is a medicine dose cup and presumably it was brought with Ann and Benjamin Boulton and their 5 children when they came west from Brockville in 1892. Kincaid's Drug Store It was likely at King Street West at Broad Street in the Jones-Harding Building.  There is quite an interesting website about historic Brockville here

The above photo is of Thomas, son of Ann and Benjamin and below is the back of the cup.  There are lots of these dose glasses  on EBay but none with the family history this one has!

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