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The Boulton Siblings

Eight children were born to Thomas and Elsie Boulton between 1915 and 1930.  

Seven surviving children about 1933
Back - Frank, Ann, Edna, Edwin, Violet
Front - Thomas, Jean, Elsie, Mary

Edna Kathleen is the little girl in the middle of the above photo with the bow in her hair.  She was the eldest child, born on February 21, 1915.  She went on to become a teacher and met her future husband while teaching at Blair School northeast of Virden.  
On the left is one of the twins, Emily Patience, born June 3, 1916.  She was named for her maternal grandmother, Patience Wooler.  She was a sickly child and died on likely shortly after this picture was taken, February 5,1918.  The other twin, Ann Henrietta on the far right was born also on June 3,1916.  She was given her paternal grandmother's name.  Annie died in Toronto in 1942 and is buried in Prospect Cemetery there.
Elsie with the twins - Annie and Emily

Elsie and Edna standing, Ann sitting in front

Next eldest was Vi, born April 1, 1918.  This photo says on the back "Violet Lillian Boulton 1939".  I have heard she worked in Winnipeg for a time and this stunning picture may have been taken there. The veil she wore with the hat looks like a scribble across her cheek and the coat is elegant too

Edwin Benjamin Boulton, Randy's Dad was the first boy, born April 25, 1920.  He remained on the home farm his entire life.

John Franklin was born next on August 24, 1925.  He is on the right in the picture above with the next Boulton sibling, Mary Lorraine born August 2, 1928.  She took teacher training in Winnipeg and went on to teach at Pacific School near Virden, Pipestone and Kinloss.  

The last child born to Thomas and Elsie was Jean Mable who came into the world on St. Patrick's Day , March 17, 1930.  She is on the left above with Frank beside her.  Jean worked at the Post Office in Reston and Pipestone after she completed school and before she was married.

       Mary and Jean                 Frank                        Frank and Vi

1928 Chevy with Annie, Elsie, Edna, Vi and Ida Bigney (cousin) with Jean and Mary in front

Edna, Annie, Vi and Frank in the back.  Mary and Jean in front.
Jean, Faye and Mary on a cutter made by Hazen Bigney           

   Vi and Faye  

Boultons - left to right in 1980 
  •  Faye Darlene - (daughter of Ann who was raised by Thomas and Elsie after her mother's death in 1942) married Murray Forsyth and had a family of 2 girls and a boy
  • Jean Mable who married Charlie Elliott in and had a family of 3 boys and a girl
  • Mary Lorraine who married Bev Milliken and had a family of 2 girls and 2 boys
  • John Franklin who lived on the home farm
  • Edwin Benjamin who married Merle Cassell and had 3 boys
  • Violet Lillian who married Joe Sowtis and had a girl and a boy
  • Edna Kathleen who married Ewen Pearn and had 2 girls
Sixteen grandchildren, dozens of great-grandchildren followed and the next generation has begun.  A wonderful legacy that continues to grow.

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  1. Hello Sharon Simms
    My name is Valerie and I am researching the Boulton Family of William Boulton of England came to Canada in 1907 settled in Ontario in 1921 died in Cobourg in 1942. The reason I am contacting you is the picture of Edwin B Boulton looks like a picture I have with my Boulton Family so giving it a go that your Boulton's might be related.