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Hart Parr Tractor

 Anthony Boulton on left, unknown on right

An 88 horsepower Hart Parr Steam Tractor was bought in 1912 by Anthony and his brothers Thomas and Herb to work the farm south of Reston.  Over $2500 would have been an incredible amount of money in 1912 but perhaps no more expensive relatively to the farm machinery of today.  The original letter as shown below has survived the years. 

 Text of above letter:
June 27, 1912

Messrs. Boulton Bros.,
Reston, Man.

We have received on our Mr. Smith drafts of New York amounting to $2360 less exchange, which is short $160.50.
The engine costs $2850 f o b Portage La Prairie and $2960 with extension rims.  Where the purchaser or agent cashes the entire amount, $150 is deducted from this price making it $2700 f o b Portage La Prairie.  In addition to this, an agent's commission is allowed of $230 with $50 added since commission contracts were printed making a total of $280 commission.  There is also a commission of $9.50 on rims making a total commission of $439.50 from $2960 making the net price to you $2520.50.  You have sent us $2360 of this amount leaving a balance of $160.50 due us.
Kindly remit this amount by return mail to complete settlement and oblige. 
                                                                                 Yours very truly,
                                                                                  Hart Parr Co.
                                                                                  per ?

 Above - Thomas (or Herb?) Boulton behind the 10 furrow plough 

Payments continued for many years on the tractor, the above note dated 1928.

By the age of Mary, the photo above would have been taken in the early thirties. I am guessing Frank is sitting on the front wheel since he was 3 three years older than she.   Family say the tractor ended up going for scrap during WW2 when everything not used needed to be gathered and melted down for the war effort.  

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