Sunday, 26 April 2015

Prisoner of War Labour in Manitoba

Going through old bills and receipts from the Boulton farm, I came across the one below for the Prisoner of War Labour Project in the forties. Rick recalls hearing that they had stayed at the fair grounds north of Reston and they were German POW's.  This made me curious about this program and a little internet research turned up some interesting history.

It was called the Dominion Provincial Farm Labour program.  It including using men who were conscientious objectors or unfit for combat to work on farms to provide labour for farmers to increase their production to help the war effort.  Prisoners of War were also a big part of this program. 

The above photos capture those summer days.  Hard work and lunch in the field.  I wonder if those men carried good memories with them of their days on the Manitoba Prairies?

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