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Kinloss School (1899-1964)

Photo from Reston Museum
Kinloss School stood one mile straight east of the Boulton farm and educated two generations of the family.  It was also the reason Randy's parents met so is an important part of the family history.

The RM of Albert History book, written in 1984, says that the Kinloss School District No 934 was formed in 1899.  The name came from a school district in Ontario where many of the settlers had originated. The trustees inlcuded A.W. Harper, Ben Boulton and Edward and Thomas Pierce.  May 1, 1899 was the first day of school in a sod shack on the NW quarter of 30-6-27.  Mr. James Stallwood of Reston was paid $622 for building the school on the northeast quarter of 19-6-27 W1.  

Forty-seven teachers over the years are listed in the History Book, among them were Merle Cassell, Randy's mom, and his Aunt Mary Boulton (later Milliken).  Merle is in the photo below beside the school. She grew up at Elkhorn and was hired to teach at Kinloss where she would have met Edwin.  They were married on October 6, 1945.

Cousin Lee (Boulton) Beck recall both Merle and Mary were her teachers in Grade 3.  She also remembers when Bev and Mary Milliken's house (that was across the road from the school) caught fire.  Frank and Edwin prevented her from running into her house.  

In 1934-35 there were less than 5 children to attend the school was closed.   Uncle Frank was one of those children who had to attend school in Reston.  He stayed in town during the week with his Aunt Susie and Uncle Hazen to save making the trip to town every day.

The school building and later a tent were also used for church services, box socials, dances and concerts. It was the social center of the community for many years.   In 1964, Kinloss School District #934 officially dissolved and students were bused to Reston.

In 1987, the community erected a cairn and bell as a memorial to the school and the pioneers. The bell was purchased by the teacher Miss Harlowe with proceeds from a concert.  A story is told in the RM of Albert History Book written in 1984 that there was a terrible blizzard in March of 1909 where the children and teacher were storm stayed in the school for three days.  The teacher rang the big bell continuously in case someone was attempting to reach the school and would know where it was.  On the third day, some nearby neighbours finally did get to the school with food.   

Follow the link for information and pictures on Kinloss School on the Manitoba Historical Society website.

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