Friday, 27 May 2016

Boulton Cars Through the Years

Looking through old pictures of the Boultons, it sure seemed they loved their cars and were often the backdrop for group pictures. This blog post puts them on display with my best guesses of people and years but would be glad to hear from the family about any mistakes or better guesses!

Thomas and Elsie Boulton with the Model T Ford about 1925. 
 Children left to right - Edna, Edwin, Violet and Annie.

1928 Chevy with Tom Roe, Pearl Campbell, on top and Russell Roe and Helen Ashby on the bumper.
  License plate says 1932.

Same car as above about the same time with Annie, Elsie (?), Edna, Vi, Ida Bigney, Jean and Mary in front.

Vi with a Buick with Montana 1935 license plate.

Vi and Faye in the 1940 Hudson Sedan.  1952-53 insurance papers copied below for this vehicle from Bulloch and Berry Agency in Reston amounted to $10.50!

Frank with the 1929 Nash.  Below is a copy of the transit license he used to get it home from Winnipeg in 1949 and a pink liability insurance card.

Wedding Car for Ewen Pearn and Edna Boulton in 1945 belonging to Walter Pearn. Is it a Model T Ford?

Merle's sister Isobel is posing on her Uncle Grant Gerow's Cadillac in the mid 50's.  Grant and his wife Pearl (who was their father Russell Cassell's sister) lived in Chicago.  

Russ sitting between the fins of a 1959 Chevy in the early 60's.

Rick with his 1963 Ford

Randy and Russell on the left and Rick on the right with a 1964 Dodge.  Quite the fancy clothes boys!

We have not carried on the tradition of taking our kids' pictures with our vehicles over the years and now I'm wishing we did!  It makes a great historical statement but I am glad we had family pictures taken with the old Hudson in 2013.

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