Monday, 2 May 2016

Drawings from the 1860's by J.W. Bushby

James William Bushby was Randy's paternal great grandfather and his work shows he was a talented artist while a young boy in school.  Featured in a previous blog post here, he was born in 1852 on the very southern coast of England in a seaside community and he lived there with his parents, Henry and Eleanor along with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. He made his livelihood as a carpenter and undertaker and after the death of his wife in 1908, he spent time with his children in Canada and the U.S. but died back in England in 1931.  

These amazing drawings and the portfolio type cardboard cover were recently found among his grandson Frank Boulton's belongings. Notes on them indicate they drawn in the 1860's while J.W. was a student at Nunhead Grammar School in Peckham!  Online research has found that Nunhead is a district of SE London so J.W. could have been at a boarding school or perhaps the family had moved there.  Much of this area was severely bombed during 1944 and I have been unable to determine if the Nunhead Grammar School still stands.  This source called "Our Schools and Colleges" from 1867 gives the location as Peckham Rye, a park today.  Perhaps someone reading this blog post may know?
Back of above drawing of cottage says:  Done by J.W. Bushby, Milton England when at Nunhead Grammar School, Peckham, London S.E.

Castle drawing above signed J.W. Bushby, England. 

Above: Both sides of cardboard portfolio cover that was with the drawings.  It took some searching to find the Nunhead School as it sure looked like Punhead to me!  Writing on it belonging to his daughter Elsie Bushby Boulton is enlarged below.   

One of these drawings of your Grandad's
 for each of you children
One for June
                  Gertie girl

Gertrude was a sister of Elsie's who had a daughter June, who would be Gertie's girl.  Gertrude and Elsie traveled to Canada with their father J.W. in 1913, following brothers Arthur and Walter. "Gertie" lived in Reston with Arthur and his family according to the 1916 census and married Charles McIntyre in 1926 in Vancouver.  I believe she died in San Diego 4 years later.  

 Faye's picture is above and the back has the same inscription:  Done by J.W. Bushby, Milton England, When at Nunhead Grammar School Peckham London S.E.  

Uncle Frank must have treasured the drawings and it was interesting for me researching where they were done, over 150 years later! 

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