Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sewing for Yourself 1955

Today's blog post features another treasure from the past that has recently been rediscovered in the Boulton house. This delightful scribbler from 1955 is full of sewing samples and instructions from an extension course that Randy's Mom Merle Cassell Boulton completed in 1955 called "Sewing for Yourself".
 This online edition of the Manitoba Cooperator from September 2010 recounts the role of the Home Economists in rural Manitoba in delivering courses like this one.  These courses were informally called the "Rural Womens' University.  Other courses covered topics like cooking, preserving and general home management.

The top of the second page above notes that she was using a Singer Sewing Machine that was 63 years old at the time.  This one belonged to her grandmother-in-law Ann and a down payment receipt for it was shown on this blog post.

These samples would have been done as a group to learn the techniques that would be used to create a final project, likely a dress for herself.

Sixty-one years after it was made, it is in perfect shape.  The zippers glide like the day they were put in!

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